Steve Bennett in Sydney is a photographer, web designer and agriculturalist with an interest in southern African history.



Steve is based in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay at night with reflection on water

A versatile photographer - from sport, portraiture, glamour, scenic, to action - Steve was photographer for the Coast to Kosci 240 km ultra marathon for a few years.

Steve is a website designer and powers several sites.

A naturalist, Steve is seldom without his camera when with clients on their properties, on a bushwalk, or looking out for that memorable view when travelling.

A historian with particular interest in southern Africa. His studies go back to the British war that was waged to stop slavery in southern Africa, conflict between the Portuguese and the British during colonisation, history of nationalism, opposing forces of the Rhodesian Bush War, statistics of casualties of civilians and on both sides of the conflict, and Rolls of Honour of farmers, the military, missionaries and nurses.

An agriculturalist with experience in research, lecturing at an Ag college, farming, as executive officer for a cattle breed society, Steve is founder and owner of Wagyu International. He specialises in Wagyu genetics and nutrition with a focus on highest quality using local resources sustainably.

As an Australian expatriate working in Zambia, Steve managed the agricultural division and was also involved in research with the Veterinary Department to enable cattle survival in remote areas. For the safety of his family and to travel, he operated as a Vigilante with Zambia Police during the mid-1980s.

After living in Australia for thirty years he has started sharing his opinion about current affairs.

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